Leo Garrigues

Hi, my name is Leonardo Garrigues, I’m a naturalist guide with 8 years of guiding experience, but a whole life of experience in Costa Rica searching for animals. I began birding at the age of 6. I had an opportunity that not many people have, thanks to my dad’s influence. He is Richard Garrigues, one of the most renowned guides in Costa Rica and author of The Birds of Costa Rica the foremost field guide of our country's birds.

Besides my dad’s influence, my adventurist spirit has led me to many of the more remote areas of the country by myself. Thanks to that, I’ve experienced some things that not many people in the country have and have learned where to find the rarest birds, animals and plants.

During the last few years, I have been studying Tropical Biology and Forest Engineering at the Universidad Nacional. With the studying I have combined work as a guide.

For several seasons, I was one of the local guides at Rancho Naturalista, one of the premier birding lodges in the country. I have also worked as a private guide all over the country, and for one season I worked as a private guide on the Osa Peninsula doing tours to Corcovado National Park and the mountains of the Osa Peninsula.  While I was living on the Osa Peninsula, I also worked on field projects like the Harpy Eagle project, monitoring the territory of a pair of Harpy Eagles. Another that I worked on briefly was the Jaguar project in Corcovado National Park.

Something that differentiates me from the other guides is that I have been studying other groups of animals besides birds, and also know the plants and their uses. With this website I want to offer the best birdwatching tours in Costa Rica, but also give you the opportunity to see other animals and plants. I enjoy adventure too, so if you want to have some adventure during your tour we can include some other activities such as biking, surfing, and rafting.

Nature has never been closer...
  Costa Rica