Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians are other kinds of animals that I enjoy searching for on my tours. These animals are not easy to see like birds because they tend to be quiet most of the time, so you need to know the potential places to search, and you need a trained eye to spot them, as well.

We have designed a herpetological tour to go to the best places for these kind of animals—depending on your degree of emotion and adventure!

The best time for this tour is the rainy season, because these animals are more active and/or vocalize more. May to December is the best time on the Pacific side. The Caribbean side is wet most of the year. But there is always plenty of wildlife to see at any time of year, so perhaps the best time to come is when it suits you most.

All Photos on this page were taken on our tours.

Nature has never been closer...
     Costa Rica
Spurrell's Tree Frog
Palo Verde Marsh
Ridge headed Salamander
Neotropical Rattlesnake
Salmon bellied Racer
Golfo Dulce Poision-dart Frog