From Sweden
"We can really recommened this guide, Leo Garrigues, after spending a week in February 2010 with him. He speaks good english and is a really nice as a person. His knowledge of birds, inclusive their sounds is excellent. His eagerness to show you the birds and his skills to find them is in top class. He has good knowledge in other areas of the nature such as botanics, insects and ecology. He his very flexible to make up a plan that suites your needs and wishes.We look forward to our next trip with him"

Ulf Sjölin

From Leo:
On this trip we located a Lanceolated Monklet, that was one of the best birds that I have seen on my tours, because it is very rare and very difficult to spot.  Many of the Costa Rican birders and naturalist guides have never seen one in the wild.  We saw it because the bird vocalized and fortunatelly I know the call very well .  It was my third time in my life that I have seen the bird.  The last two were when I worked on Rancho Naturalista in the Tuis Valley.

Nature has never been closer...
Lanceolated Monklet.  Photo of the actual bird we saw on this trip!!