Nature has never been closer...

Bird watching is our speciality, we set up tours to any place in Costa Rica depending upon your particular interest.

According to your preferences, we design the itinerary the way you like—using anything from inexpensive lodging to the traditional more comfortable birding lodges, and we can even take you camping.

Also, we can suggest the places to visit depending on the birds or animals that you would like to see.

We can design a route to see the highest number of birds in the days that you are going to be in Costa Rica, go to certain places if you are looking for target birds, or just do a more relaxed general introductory tour.

We can arrange for both group tours and private tours. For group tours, we will take care of all of the logistical arrangements. For a private tour you will need to rent a car or, if you’d prefer, we can arrange for a vehicle and driver.
  Costa Rica.
Golden-browed Chlorophonia
Violet-crowned Woodnymph
Emerald Toucanette excavating a nest