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This is an activity that I enjoy, as well. So, if you practice surfing, I could recommend the best places to go according to the kind of waves that you would like to surf. I could take you to any beach that you want to visit, but I will suggest some of the best places to go. I have friends at different beaches and can contact them to let you know how the waves are going to be.

Guanacaste area

This area is where you have the most opportunities to try different surfing beaches, different levels and shapes of waves. Some of the best places in the world are in this area.

1) The Witch’s Rock

This mythical and remote place is inside the Santa Rosa National Park. To get there involves driving a tough dirt road, or carrying gear and camping on the Naranjo beach, but if the conditions are right, this place has just the perfect waves.

2) Tamarindo area

This area is more developed, so you can drive around and check the beaches to choose which one you will like to surf. Beaches like Playa Grande, Avellanas, Langosta, Playa Negra and Tamarindo are all in a relatively close area where you can find different shapes of waves and different sizes.

3) Nosara area

Not too far from the Tamarindo area, is another section of Guanacaste where you can find really good surfing spots. According to the tides and swells, you will have different choices, but this area is a bit less crowded and so is a better choice for surfing.

4) Santa Teresa area

This place is farther south, on the west side of the tip of the peninsula. There are almost always waves here. Many other surfing places are in this area, though some are over rocks—but if you know what are you doing, it can be great surfing.

Central Pacific

1) Hermosa beach

One of the best spots to surf, and it’s the closest to San Jose. You need to have experience to surf here. This beach almost always has good waves, sometimes the problem is that these waves can be SO BIG.

2) Esterillos

A good choice when Hermosa is too big, it usually has small to medium size waves. Just south from Hermosa beach.

3) Manuel Antonio

A good place for learning to surf because its waves are usually small.

South Pacific

1) Dominical

Another surfing paradise, and one of my favorite places to surf. Also offers the chance to use other secret spots nearby Dominical.

2) Cape Matapalo on the Osa Peninsula

When the conditions are right, you get one of the best waves in the world. There are other surfing spots nearby where you can find awesome waves and are more secluded.

3) Pavones

Considered the best right break in the world, it speaks for itself. The waves can be very long—if you get a good wave, you can ride it for over a minute, maybe two.

Caribbean coast

Some good spots in this area, as well, but not as many choices as on the Pacific side. The south Caribbean is where you have more choices, but some of those are over reefs.

1) Puerto Viejo area

One of the most famous places is the Salsa Brava! Only the bravest try it because it’s over reefs.

2) Cocles

Really close to Puerto Viejo, it offers good-sized waves and a sandy beach.

3) Playa Grande

Another choice with a secluded, sandy beach, and at some times it has one of the best waves that you can imagine.

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